Goal Mastery

Your life. Your way. Your choice.




At SASI we pride ourselves on our values based recruitment and retention of skilled and experienced staff. Our philosophy ensures that our staff share and display our core values of Integrity, Empowerment, Innovation and Expertise.


Agency staff are only used in emergencies and make up less than 1% of our staffing support, we achieve this through being an employer of choice within the Disability Sector.

        Our focus and specialty with clients with ASD ensures that our staff are across the latest development in this area and ensure that our focus is on Positive Behaviour Support,

               which enables us to provide high quality, evidence based supports for clients with high and complex needs who frequently present with behaviours of concern.

Our qualified specialized multidisciplinary teams use a person centered framework to provide holistic and meaningful supports to clients with ASD. Our staff are able to take

an evidence-based approach through Positive Behaviour Support and our Goal Mastery to increase our client’s quality of life and decrease the frequency and severity of their behaviours of concern.

Kath Ferry

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Wilson

Executive Manager People and Culture

Melissa Violani

Executive Manager Client Services