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Autism Blog

Signs your child may have autism

Autism is not always easy to diagnose, and for some, it can be a long, drawn out and expensive process with numerous visits to specialists and tests.   If your child is your first born, you may not have any ‘norms’ to compare to. You may think your...

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Google Glass returns to help kids with Autism

Google Glass is returning to help children with autism. The technology is empowering children and adults with Autism to teach them social and cognitive skills.   Initially described as a failure, this tool is proving to have many benefits for people...

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Coles quiet hour is now local

Quiet hour at Coles is now in place every Tuesday between 10:30am and 11:30am at 68 supermarkets across Australia, including 18 in Victoria.   When you visit Coles in the participating stores, during the specified quiet time you will find that the...

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Video games may help ASD children

A recent study in America, has found that certain video games may improve balance in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).   Children who play a game which requires them to hold various ninja poses, could have an effect on improving balance in...

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How Autism has influenced human evolution

Image from displays a general view of Lascaux 4, a replica of the original prehistoric painted caves, in Lascaux, France, December 10, 2016. History show that autism may have influenced human evolutions. Going back thousands of years, people...

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How visual aids can help people with autism

Pictures tell 1000 words, right?! Exactly! That's why visual aids can help people with autism. Most of us learn better when we see something, or do something, rather than when we hear it. This is especially true for people with autism. Autistic people are...

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