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Autism Blog

Do you wear autism as ‘a badge of honour?’

Are you a parent who wears being an autism parent as a ‘badge of honour’, and embrace the fact that your child is remarkably different? Here’s a Mum who celebrates your child’s differences and challenges a celebrity psychologist, who suggests that autism...

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Other parents with autistic children will get it

When you have a child with autism you may feel like you are constantly being judged by other parents who have, so called, ‘normal’ children. You know what I’m talking about, right?! When you can tell that people are looking at you, pointing and whispering...

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Business create autism friendly environment

It’s great to see so many large organisations jumping on the autism bandwagon and providing autism friendly offerings. It would be great if similar programs were offered in Australia. Let us know if you know about something like this available here.

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No Jab, No Pay. Choose Autism over Disease

Labor Member for Lindsay, Emma Husar, is the mother of an autistic child and says she would choose autism rather than having your child die from a preventable disease such as meningococcal. This statement was in response to the government proposal to...

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Living with an autistic sibling

For children who grow up in a household with an autistic sibling life isn’t easy, in fact it can be pretty tough. They may find themselves in and out of doctors and specialist appointments, therapy sessions and waiting rooms as their brother or sister gets...

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Sporting venues catering for autistic children

Sporting venues in America are striving to cater for the needs of autistic children and their families. There are sensory-friendly bags that can be picked up upon entry to the venue, there's also a sensory room, allowing the children to get away from the...

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