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Autism Blog

Autism Friendly Hotel Changes Lives

A bespoke autism friendly room at the Roe Park Hotel in Londonderry, Ireland is changing the lives of families with autistic children. The room at the hotel has everything and more that any family of an autistic child could possibly think of and more....

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How To Help Your Autistic Child Make Friends

Making friends when you have autism can be quite difficult. Children on the spectrum often struggle to make and maintain a friendship because they don’t have the social skills required to do so. It can be very difficult and can become quite lonely for an...

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Read Carpet Autism Screening

A cinema in the US has gone all out for a red carpet screening of The Incredibles 2 for children with autism. The cinema had dimmed lights and reduced sound making it autism friendly for children who find going to the cinema difficult due to sensory...

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Autism group to advise the NDIA

A new autism advisory group has been established to provide guidance to the NDIA regarding supporting people with autism.   This step comes after a mistake say autism removed from List A of the NDIS Operational Guidelines.

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Autism and other associated conditions

An autism diagnosis is not always a stand-alone diagnosis. It can often come along with multiple other conditions. Most common are ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), anxiety, depression, sleep problems, epilepsy and even gastrointestinal...

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Autism in adults

Are you an adult who struggles in social situations, or finds certain noises unbearable? You may be on the autism spectrum and not even realise it.   Many people discover they are on the spectrum well into adulthood.

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