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Autism Blog

Be Prepared For Thunderstorm Asthma

Thunderstorm asthma can occur in Victoria from October through to December. It is a natural phenomenon which can occur when the strong winds before the storm collect grass pollen. The wind gusts can pick up the pollens, some of the pollens will burst open....

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Benefits of Understanding Autism Early

A scientific study into the understanding the pathology of autism has found that abnormalities within the brain can occur in children as early as six months old.   The study found there were inefficiencies in the auditory cortex as well as other...

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Read about a local NDIS experience

Some families across Australia have already started to transition to the NDIS. This article in the Illawarra Mercury shares the experience of a mother and her son Reece.   Reece has a moderate intellectual disability and autism. When he turned 18...

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New Engine, Merlin has Autistic Traits

Thomas the Tank Engine’s new character Merlin has autistic traits. The character is voiced by Downton Abbey start Hugh Bonneville who is excited to play the part of one of Thomas’ new friends. Merlin has a special power; he thinks he can turn himself...

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