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Autism Blog

Autism still on the rise

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) latest report on autism spectrum disorder (ASD), shows that autism continues to be on the rise.   Image courtesy of...

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What is the future for someone with autism?

16-year-old Cameron has autism, dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety and depression. He struggles at school finding the workload in year 10 difficult to cope with. He has trouble concentrating for long periods of time.   In most of his subjects he is still at a primary...

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IBM Australia is hiring in IT roles

IBM Australia is hiring people with autism in a variety of IT positions in its neurodiversity program, joining a trend of other similar workplace programs.   This program is the first of its kind for IBM Australia and will also be rolled out throughout IBM...

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What you can learn from an autistic person

Autistic people are more likely to get pleasure from silence, something we all could learn to enjoy. We could also embrace honesty and celebrate routines.   This blog uncovers five valuable lessons we could learn from someone who has autism.   Image...

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Autism Awareness Week

Next week is World Autism Awareness Week, it’s a time to celebrate and let people know and understand more about our autism community.   From Monday, 1 April until to Sunday, 7th April we ask that everyone who has autism, or knows someone with autism, to...

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Autism and agriculture a perfect match

If you have a high attention to detail along with a love of animals then a career in agriculture could be perfect for you.   This article identifies how people with autism are finding employment in the field of agriculture.   Image courtesy of The Weekly...

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