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Autism Blog

Autism Mum’s Unite

Are you an Autism Mum? Do you have a support network? If not, you need to find yourself one, as you need all the help and support from others like you that you can get.   Did you have a Mum’s Group after your baby was born? It was great wasn’t it? Having...

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Autistic boy builds lego Titanic replica

Using over 700 lego bricks, 15 year old, Brynjar Karl Birgisson has built the worlds largest replica of the Titanic. This young autistic boy has amazed people from all over the world. It took Brynjar 700 hours over 11 months to complete this amazing...

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Time to give autism kids a voice

Image of Richard, Randa and their family, courtesy of 9Honey   Randa's 21 year old son, Richard, is now a public speaker, talking about autism and she could not be prouder.   Randa has organised a speaking event 'Autism and Me' which is about empowering...

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Autism and vaccines link gone barking mad

Image courtesy of Good Morning Britain   UK breakfast television program 'Good Morning Britain' is under fire after planning for an upcoming segment on the link between vaccines and autism in canines.   The request caused an uproar on social media from the...

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I CAN Network Empowering Autism Kids

Image: Chris Varney, Chief Enabling Officer of the I CAN Network   There is no reason to think you can’t do anything when you have the positive tones of Chris Varney and his I CAN Network team inspiring you to do whatever you desire.   Chris grew up in the...

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Autism figures on the rise

Image courtesy of Medical News Today Recent studies in the United States indicate that autism figures are on the rise with more people being diagnosed with the condition than in the past. The question is, is this actually the case, or are we just more...

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Sesame Street raises autism awareness

Image courtesy of techcrunch.com Sesame Street’s new character, Julia is helping to raise awareness and money for autism. Julia made her debut on Sesame Street last year as the first autistic character, in an attempt to help both autistic and non-autistic...

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Employable Me Australia

Image courtesy of ABC - Employable Me Australia   Getting a job can be difficult for some people, but it can be more difficult if you have autism. Having a neurotypical diagnosis such as autism can make successfully gaining employment ten times harder than...

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