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Happy Autism Christmas

Christmas, birthdays, parties, special occasions are supposed to be fun and filled with happy memories. However as an autism parent it can be a dreaded time of the year as we prepare for everything and anything that could potentially go wrong and try to...

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No jail for cannabis oil parents

A Queensland couple who provided cannabis oil to their 5 year old son to help treat symptoms associated with autism, have escaped jail time.   The couple were fortunate they were not convicted as the charge for providing a dangerous drug to a minor comes...

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Autism swim is changing lives

Autism Swim is a world first app that has been designed to teach people on the spectrum how to swim, and is changing the lives of children and families.   The app will be a lifesaver in many ways considering that children with autism are 160 times more...

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Changing attitudes towards autism

It's fascinating how much attitudes towards mothers and autistic children have changed throughout history. It's hard to believe that in the 1960's mothers were blamed for their child's autism, it was said they didn't give them enough love. Our society has...

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School’s out now what?

School is nearly over for another year, and it may be time to start considering what your autistic child is going to do with themselves once they have finished secondary school.    This will all depend on the capacity of your child and whether they will be...

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Does The Good Doctor actor have autism?

Viewers of 'The Good Doctor' may be surprised to know that actor, Freddie Highmore who plays Dr Shaun Murphy does not have autism in real life.   Freddie studied autism and savants syndrome in preparation for his role as the super smart, autistic surgeon....

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The Chase star heads to the jungle

The Chase star Anne Hegerty, has headed to the jungle in the British version of 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' and has openly talked about her autism receiving much support from fans and fellow autistics.   One young boy has written to Anne...

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Parents time to Retreat

When was the last time you had a holiday? No, I mean a real holiday, without children!    As a parent of a child with a disability you need to take a break every now and then to rest and revive. You need to get away from the mundane and re-evaluate what’s...

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