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Client Complaints

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SASI welcomes complaints and uses their resolutions to improve services. The complaints procedure acknowledges that everyone can make mistakes and adopts the approach of taking time to work together to resolve issues which may cause a grievance.


To provide clients with accessible, person centred, responsive and accountable processes to assist them in raising any complaints they may have regarding the support and services they receive from SASI.


  • People may lodge a complaint with any SASI staff member. The complaint may be made in person, by email, by telephone, in writing or on a SASI complaint form. An easy read version of this policy is also available.
  • All people making complaints are treated respectfully and with sensitivity. All information collected is treated confidentially. Primary consideration is given to the individual needs of the client.
  • If possible complaints will be resolved quickly at the local level by the staff involved. All complaints are managed in a timely way and people are kept informed of the progress of their complaint. It is expected that, dependent on the nature of the issues involved, complaints will be resolved within a two week period.
  • All complaints are managed by the principles of fairness and natural justice. People who complain will not be adversely affected because of that complaint. Those not satisfied with the outcome of their complaint have avenues of external appeal.
  • Details of complaints are recorded on a Complaints register by Senior Managers.
  • SASI views complaints as opportunities for improvement. All complaints are reported to the SASI Board and are reviewed with the aim of improving our services.


  • Clients and/or their advocates are encouraged to raise any complaints they may have by approaching staff members and attempt to resolve the matter at the local level. If the matter is not immediately resolved, staff will ensure that the client is made aware of the complaints process and inform the client that a complaint can be made in person, by telephone, by email or in writing. Staff will provide the client with a complaint form, request that it be completed. Staff can provide assistance in the completion of the form or help client access someone who can assist if required. Staff will submit the form to their Line Manager.
  • The Line Manager will record the date the complaint is received, any action taken to resolve or attempt to resolve the matter, the date of such action and indicate if the complaint was resolved or not. The Line Manager must advise the client of any action taken to resolve the complaint or progress made in resolving the complaint. The client must be provided with contact details of details of external advocacy services. Complaints Form should be recorded in the Complaint Register by Senior Managers.
  • If unresolved the complaint will be forwarded to a Senior Manager or CEO. The person making the complaint will be kept informed of progress to resolve the matter.
  • If requested or required a meeting to discuss the complaint will be held where all parties have the right to have an independent advocate present. For people with English as a second language, an interpreter can be made available. This meeting can take the form of an informal or formal mediation process depending on the request from the client.
  • If the complaint remains unresolved the client will be advised to contact one of the external agencies listed in resources made available to clients (see documents below).
  • The Manager Corporate Support Services will maintain the Complaints Register; ensure the Board is kept informed of all complaints; ensure that complaints are reviewed by the Executive Committee with the aim of introducing improvements; and keep a record of all improvements made as the result of complaints.