Goal Mastery

Your life. Your way. Your choice.


Job Vacancies

SASI is one of the few providers in Victoria meeting the needs of people with autism and other complex disabilities.

The work is challenging but rewarding.

We see the instant positive impact our programs have on our clients’ quality of life.

Work with us

The guiding principles that underpin our attitudes and behaviour in the                       workplace are:






Our talented, expert and passionate staff provide quality person centered care          to clients.

Benefits of working at SASI

SASI is an equal opportunity employer. We provide a range of benefits beyond our statutory obligations including:

  • PBI and DGR status (as a not-for-profit) entitling employees to maximum  
  • Access to an Employee Assistance Program
  • Family-friendly environment, including flexible work arrangements to enable managing personal commitments
  • A supportive team environment
  • Self-development opportunities including compliance competencies and programs
  • Study leave for approved courses