Goal Mastery

Your life. Your way. Your choice.




SASI offer a range of services to people, families and community members dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).

Our services

SASI provides six autism services including:

  • Shared Supported Accommodation
  • SASI Active Choices 24/7 (previously known as Day Services)
  • Community-based recreation and respite
  • Children’s residential respite
  • Communication support
  • Goal mastery

Our commitment

At SASI we’re committed to providing an environment which:

  • Supports the development and empowerment of participants
  • Encourages individual choice and fosters self-confidence
  • Assists participants to become valued members of the community
  • Encourages the development of our staff in the disability field
  • Continually reviews our service program to meet the needs and abilities of all individuals

Our quality approach

SASI is aware the number of people diagnosed with autism is increasing. Thus support for specialist support services is on the rise.

We offer education and support to children, teenagers and adults with autism and other complex disabilities. We help clients live with dignity, respect and as independently as possible.

SASI’s programs are developed to help clients define and reach their goals. Progress and development is monitored and measured through our Goal Mastery Program. Parents and carers have the peace of mind that their loved one is developing all important life skills.

While SASI is an autism-specific service, a number of clients have other forms of complex disabilities.

Contact us or call SASI on (03) 9773 6044 to discuss your needs,