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About Our Frog

The best gift, training aid and most fun thing to own – ever!

The SASI Frog represents an ASD person’s path from a small child with great potential to a fascinating adult with boundless possibilities.

The shape and colour of the SASI frog makes it:

  • A standout in a crowd
  • Easy for people with impaired motor skills to grip
  • The perfect gift for sitting on a flat surface

The SASI Frog looks fantastic:

  • At any event
  • On a corporate table
  • At a child-friendly expo
  • At a professional conference
  • Well, just about anywhere!

The SASI Frog is different because:

  • It is super fun
  • Is warm and approachable
  • Is a playful reminder of your time with SASI
  • It makes both kids and adults happy
  • Is not a boring pen or a notepad

To purchase a family of SASI Frogs:

Contact Us or call SASI on (03) 9773 6044