Finding a healthy balance

Getting the balance between medication and lifestyle right.

People with autism can often face mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, along with multiple diagnoses. Although autism is, in most cases, the primary diagnosis, it isn’t something that requires medication. Rather, therapies to assist with speech, movement, processing, etcetera are the key to helping someone with autism fit into the world.

It’s the issues that can be associated with autism, such as ADHD and behavioural problems, depression and anxiety which require treatment. So often, it seems, doctors can be very quick to medicate to help solve these issues, however medication alone is not the answer.

A recent conversation with a medical practitioner opened up some dialogue which I’ve often found missing from the medical profession. The conversation lead to finding a balance between medication and lifestyle, the doctor admitting that medication is not the be all and end all.

Hallelujah, I thought. I’ve always believed that, whilst medication can be worthwhile, it should be supported by a healthy lifestyle. It is about a holistic approach, that may include medicine, but must also factor in nutrition, exercise, friendships, social outings and lifestyle.

Medication can certainly help to manage feelings of depression and anxiety, however it cannot solve the problem in its entirety. Depression can occur when the balance of hormones in the body is out of whack.

Whilst medication can help with the hormonal imbalance, environmental factors also contribute to feelings of depression. Exercising, socialising, laughing, having a hobby, enjoying life and having things to look forward to can assist in creating a healthy balance that medication cannot do alone.

Life’s circumstances can complicate things, sometimes making exercise or social activity difficult, leading to increased reliance on medication. However, if you can find a healthy balance between medication and lifestyle then that is the answer for a healthier and happier you.