Parents just want the best for their children

A mothers desire for her son

A Mother’s heartfelt desire for her son.

From the moment your baby is born and you hold them in your arms for the very first time you just know that you want to give them the world. The love that you feel for your newborn is like no other and you know right then and there that you will do anything for this child.

Soon the reality of parenthood sinks in and you’re running around washing baby clothes, cleaning up vomit and dribble, changing countless nappies, getting into a sleep routine and so much more. Throughout all this you still just want the best for your child. You have hopes, dreams and aspirations for them.

As they grow and develop you might see some unique changes in your child. Maybe they’re not walking and talking at the same rate as other children. Perhaps they’re not interacting well with their peers. As a new parent the signs of autism may not be obvious to you at all. Your child is just quirky, he’s intelligent, he is interested in things that other kids his age don’t understand.

Then a friend, colleague or a kinder teacher suggests to you that your child is developing differently to the other children and suggests that you consider having him assessed. This is the moment when your world begins to crumble and you feel that those hopes, dreams and aspirations you had for your newborn may never come to fruition.

Through a number of appointments with one specialist after another you finally get a diagnosis and then the cycle of appointments, therapies, medication, interventions, etc. continues. There’s no cure though, just hope. With each year your child grows the struggles change, and the cycle of seeking support from the experts continues.

My son is now almost 17, he’s at a mainstream school about to start a VCAL course next year with the hope that he will do well and finish school with some qualifications under his belt and a view to what he wants to do in the future. At least, that’s what I hope. To be honest I’m scared. I’m worried that he won’t enjoy VCAL and will want to drop out of school. I’m worried that he won’t be able to get a job and if he does he won’t be able to keep it. I’m worried that he’ll end up being unemployed and playing computer games or watching YouTube all day with no aspirations to work or venture outside, make new friends and start actually living.

I just want the best for my child, I want him to be happy, I want him to achieve great things. I have high expectations for him, as I think with the right motivation and passion to achieve something, he can.

The future is uncertain for him. He’ll make of it what he wants to. I guess I just have to sit back and let it unfold the way he choses. I have to just hope that whatever happens he will be happy in his own world doing what he wants to do.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay