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Autism Workshop
& Webinar

For Individuals and Organisations

We’re excited to now offer Autism Workshops in person and online where you and your team can gain a deeper understanding of autism and inclusion.


Celebrate Diversity & Unlock Potential

At SASI, we are thrilled to introduce a workshop and webinar designed to foster awareness, enhance understanding, and promote inclusivity for autistic individuals. Our workshop goes beyond conventional approaches, focusing on building meaningful connections, tailoring supports to individual needs, and empowering participants with valuable insights. Join us in creating a space where diversity is celebrated, strengths are recognized, and everyone can thrive.

Webinar: For Individuals

Join us online for our “Celebrating Different Kinds of Minds” webinar where we explore the diversity of minds on the autism spectrum. This interactive webinar aims to celebrate individual strengths, foster connection, and provide valuable insights for a more inclusive society. Discover the beauty within neurodiversity as we embark on a journey of celebration and learning.


1.5 hours




$150 per person

Workshop: For Organisations

Elevate your organization’s understanding and embrace inclusivity with SASI’s tailored Autism Workshop. Our workshop is crafted to empower your team with the knowledge and tools needed to create a supportive and inclusive environment for autistic individuals. We cover topics ranging from fostering communication to implementing sensory-friendly practices. Our expert facilitators provide practical insights, ensuring your organization becomes a leader in diversity, understanding, and acceptance.


3 hours


In Person at workplace


$3000 (up to 30 people per session)

I’m interested and keen to know more!


Our engaging presenters share their knowledge of Autism in an accessible, practical and experiential style. We cover a range of relevant topics and can customize the training to suit your needs. All Workshop participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

Why is understanding Autism important?

The Charter of human Rights states that “a person with a disability must be ensured full and effective participation and inclusion in society” and through the NDIS, participants are engaging with their local & outer communities, taking advantage of new and exciting opportunities.

Therefore, as our communities widen so does the need for autism understanding.

With that in mind, SASI Autism Workshops will ensure;

  • Equality – to allow everyone to be included in & have access to the same opportunities as those around them
  • Effective Relationships – with agencies/organisations and individuals with society, ensuring positive experiences for everyone
  • Enhanced Service Delivery – knowledge brings improved understanding, greater involvement and successful outcomes
  • Knowledge & Understanding – to support individuals in achieving their dreams & aspirations and to share knowledge with others, to ensure difference and diversity is celebrated
  • Greater Outcomes for society as a whole

What Next?

If you’re interested in learning more about an Autism Workshop please get in touch with our friendly team.

T – 1300 577 305


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