Complaints, Feedback & Compliments


How to make a complaint, provide feedback or spoil us with compliments

SASI welcomes all feedback and uses the information provided to improve our services.

The feedback procedure acknowledges that everyone can make mistakes and adopts the approach of working together to resolve issues which may cause a grievance. Positive feedback is also beneficial to informing us where things are working well.

You, or a family member or friend, may wish to complain if we are not providing the service you expected.

You may wish to praise us for providing service which exceeded your expectations.

All feedback is kept private and treated with respect. It can be anonymous also.

What to include

If using our online form, fields marked with * are required.

Your family or friends can talk to us on your behalf. Our service is completely free and independent. If you wish to remain anonymous, we recommend you call us directly on 1300 577 305 and ask to speak to a member of the Executive Team.

The more information you provide, the quicker we can assess your complaint and work towards a resolution.

  • Name and contact details of person making the complaint
  • Name of client the complaint relates to
  • Date of occurrence
  • Details of the complaint
  • Any action you would like taken

By law, SASI is required to report to the Disability Services Commission every year about the number of complaints we receive and how we manage them.

All information collected will be managed in accordance with privacy legislation. Complaints and feedback with be dealt with in a confidential manner and in accordance with our privacy and confidentiality policies. Information will only be discussed with the people directly involved.

How to contact us

You can call us on 1300 577 305 and ask to speak to a member of the Executive Team or fill out our online form. 

If you wish to remain anonymous, please contact us directly on 1300 577 305.

Amazing support staff

“The team at SASI are incredibly supportive, always putting client needs first and doing everything they can to help clients achieve their goals. The facilities are modern, fresh and welcoming and the services on offer are excellent, with something to appeal to everyone.”