About Us

SASI, it is now over 50 years. The service was run by the dedicated parents of six children who were once excluded from the education system. SASI is now a thriving operation serving over 220 people in Victoria daily.

SASI employs over 200 people across 12 locations.

These include:

  • Three services providing Active Choices
  • Six Shared Supported Accommodation facilities
  • Two homes providing 1:1 support
  • A children’s Residential Respite home
  • Community Based Recreation

What we do

We are not a ‘minding service.’ Nor are our clients ‘just a number.’

We provide day services (now called SASI Active Choices), recreational activities, accommodation and children’s residential respite. Our goal is to not only meet but exceed the developmental needs of our clients and their families.

We constantly monitor each person’s progress. Families and carers receive regular feedback based on the evidence we collect from this process.

Our staff are highly trained, skilled, committed and responsive to client and family requirements. Our specialist knowledge is key to meeting the needs of our high-end autism clients. This is vital where communication is difficult, behaviours of concern are evident and personal care is a challenge.

As a corporation SASI is big enough to ensure a premium and expert service at all times. We’re also small enough to offer the personal service clients and carers need daily.

Your Life. Your Way. Your Choice.

SASI supports children, teenagers and adults with autism and other complex disabilities. They receive the education and guidance needed to live independently with dignity and respect.