Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update – 23 March 2020

SASI Active Choice Services

As you are aware this is an unprecedented time in Australia’s history. On behalf of the Board and Executive Team, I would like to thank you all SASI staff for the hard work you have been doing, especially in the recent even more challenging circumstances.

The decisions made and outlined below, are proportionate to the threat and none have been taken lightly. We must prepare for the significant risk that COVID-19 poses, particularly for our vulnerable clients, for you our staff and your families.

In line with Victorian Government bulletin today SASI will commence Stage 1 of our plan.

The first stage of SASI’s response, focuses on containment ­– identifying and isolating any possible cases and their close contacts.

In line with the Victorian Government lockdown, all Active Choice Services and In-home Supports are suspended effective from close of business today, Monday 23 March.

Expressions of Interest will be sought from AC staff to work shifts in our Supported Independent Living Homes. Otherwise all permanent part-time and full-time direct support workers must take either annual or long service from 24th March 2020 until further notice.

SASI will support all staff without sufficient leave to access Centrelink benefits.

SASI Supported Independent Living houses will continue as normal being considered Essential Services.

Active Choice staff currently working in these houses can remain working.

However, residents are not permitted to go home, go into community settings and no visitors are permitted (which includes family members)

SIL Practice Leaders will commence working Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 4.30pm effective immediately to support the staff and clients during this difficult time.

Head Office will be closed to the public and staff have been redirected to work from home. All calls will be triaged and emailed to the Executive Group for immediate follow up action. Head Office 9773 6044.

Remote Response will be manned by the Operations Managers and an Absentee Line has been established 0427 835 848 during business hours. Please call the Absentee Line if you need to be absent from your scheduled work for any reason so we can arrange coverage. Outside of business hours please call Remote Response 0410 430 723.

Everyone has a role to play. You should wash your hands with soap and water, and cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough with a tissue or elbow. Importantly, if you’re sick you should do not attend work, to minimise the potential of spreading the infection, please call the Absentee Line.

If you’re concerned or need support please on call Head Office on 9773 6044 or access EAP services (Relationship Matters) on 8650 6262.

Please be mindful of all directives from the Government regarding keeping yourselves and the community safe and well.

We are obviously uncertain about how long this period will continue but, rest assured SASI wishes to retain all of our staff into the future and when we are back to ‘business as usual’ 

Take care everyone and stay safe.

Update – 20 March 2020

Important message to our community

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, SASI is doing what we always do at times of challenge – leaning on our mission and core values so that we can look after everyone within the SASI community and beyond. This extends to people we support, our staffing teams,
families /carers and all stakeholders.

Much of the work we do involves person to person contact, which sees us connect with a variety of communities, many of which include vulnerable people with compromised health requirements.

From today, we will limit the number of non-essential visitors to our services and we are also asking everyone at SASI, our families, carers and the people who work with us including all visitors, to vigilantly practise good hygiene, and to manage any flu-like symptoms seriously by seeking immediate medical care.

For up-to-date information, please keep informed with the Australian Government Department of Health: clear here

The NDIS also has information provided in easy English: click here

Update – 19 March 2020

Services @ SASI, Croydon

This morning we have been notified from one of our families that they have had an immediate family member return from overseas presenting with cold like symptoms.

As a precautionary measure, our service at 2-4 Webster Avenue, Croydon will be closing for 14 days effective from today and all SASI staff members have been directed to self-isolate during this period.

In relation to self-isolation, our teams will follow the current up to date guidelines as set out by the Government – for further information please click here

Update – 18 March 2020

Camps / Recreation / School Holiday / Weekend Programs

SASI is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 and currently, Australia does not have widespread community transmission. As the situation is changing rapidly we shall keep you up to date with the latest information about the spread of COVID-19.

SASI have implemented safety measures recommended by Government authorities and will continue to follow their advice as we develop plans and implement appropriate measures as the situation arises. The aim at the moment is to reduce the spread to enable health facilities to manage in the future.

Given the current climate, SASI will cancel all Camps / Recreation / School Holiday / Weekend Programs effective from Monday 23rd March 2020.

We will be vigilant in monitoring the health of each client whilst in attendance at services. Currently, if the parent/carer of any client, is showing, but not limited to, the following symptoms will be asked to collect them immediately and contact their GP and/or the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 and follow the recommendations given by either of the above.

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of Breath

In-home support and active choice services will continue as scheduled at this stage and we are currently reviewing all client community activities and shall keep you updated of any changes as things unfold.  We shall contact you directly if there is any impact or disruption to our support services for your loved one.

Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.

Update – 17 March 2020

As always, the health and safety of our employees and clients remains our top priority.

SASI is closely monitoring the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 and currently, Australia does not have widespread community transmission of COVID-19. As the situation is changing rapidly we shall keep you up to date with the latest information about the spread of COVID-19 and we shall contact you directly if there will is any impact or disruption to our support services.

SASI have implemented safety measures recommended by Government authorities and will continue to follow their advice as we develop plans and contingencies.

If there is any further information about the COVID-19 it is available here:

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has published an Easy Read document containing important information about the coronavirus that you can find here: