Board Committees are set as needed, or due to statutory requirements and support the stewardship of the organization by delegating specific tasks to each of its Committees. Each Committee has several Board Directors and Executive present and all have an independent member/s in attendance to broaden the oversight of the Committee.


Parents, Carers & Clients Committee (PCCC) are recruiting 🙂

The PCCC represents users of all support services offered by SASI, including Active Choices, Supported Independent Living, In Home Support, Recreation and Respite Services.

The PCCC discussions revolve around the decisions and directions related to the quality of current and future services provided by SASI.  Importantly, it enables the voices of parents, carers and clients to be heard, providing constructive feedback and having a direct impact on the services that will best support children and adults with autism and other complex disabilities.  This is particularly important as we move to a post-COVID world with the resumption of services, some new and some modified, to best provide what is needed for our loved ones.

Meetings are held once every three months on a Tuesday.  We welcome anyone interested to join us , please call 1300 577 305 to find out when the next meeting will be held and see the valuable work this committee does.

We are currently seeking new people to join us at the Parents, Carers & Clients Committee (PCCC).

If this sounds like something you’d love to do, please send an expression of interest and your contact details to [email protected] so we can get in touch!