Reach your full potential with our Goal Mastery Program

Available for adults over 18 years of age

What is Goal Mastery?

As SASI, we use our Goal Mastery system to break down support plan goals into smaller tasks, allowing participants to reach their full potential in a measurable, outcome-driven way.

What is the Goal Mastery process?

1. CLIENT REVIEW (This is where we find our goals)
  • PCP – Goals and Life Aspirations
  • BSP – Behaviour Goals
  • NDIS – NDIS Plan Goals

2. SUPPORT PLANS (This is where we figure out the Goal Plan)

  • Major goals from PCP, BSP, NDIS
  • Identify behaviour barriers
  • Decide Big Goals for the year based on aspirations and barriers
  • Brainstorm the ‘steps’ involved in making the goal happen

3. GOALS (This is where we put our Goals and document their progress)

  • Enter Goals into Supportability
  • Enter the ‘steps’ into Goal Strategies underneath the Big Goals
  • Support the client to achieve those goals
  • Record the achievements

4. GENERATE CLIENT GOAL REPORT (This is where we generate our evidence)

  • Begin the client review process again
  • Use the Client Goal Report to review the success of the Goals
  • Use the Client Goal Report to review all Plans


SASI’s Participant Planning Framework produces the following:

  • Person Centred Plans (PCPs)
  • Support Plans (SPs)
  • Behaviour Support Plans (BSPs)

Person Centred Plan

  • SASI works with participants and their support networks to write a PCP. This plan helps individual participants identify their dreams and goals.

Why is evidence-based care so important?

ASD care is constantly improving. SASI aims to provide the best care possible to ensure participants reach their full potential. If a better way is found, SASI looks at incorporating these changes promptly into services and care programs.

What does evidence-based care mean for your family?

SASI monitors and evaluates services continually to improve effectiveness. Participant data is collected via a cutting-edge CMS (Client Management System). This provides the tool for staff to monitor participants daily. This data is then measured against participant goals and SASI’s outcome-driven strategic plan. The data makes the resulting constant improvement possible.


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