Support Coordination

Empowering you on your NDIS journey

SASI provides Support Coordination to assist people with disabilities and their family or support network to understand and navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We are committed to supporting you to achieve your goals, enhance your abilities and empower you to understand and implement your NDIS plan effectively.

What is Support Coordination?

Our Support Coordinators are here to take the stress out of using your NDIS plan so that you can focus on achieving your goals and outcomes. Our team can help you to find the right service providers for your needs, explore new activities and coordinate all your supports, including mainstream, informal, community and funded supports.

If your NDIS plan includes Coordination of Supports, then our experienced Support Coordinators are available to support you and your family.

The type of Support Coordination you are funded for will be outlined in your NDIS plan.

Our support coordinators can provide:


Short-term assistance to implement your NDIS plan, including identifying service
providers and negotiating Service Agreements.


Longer-term support to build your capacity to navigate the complexity of services and
supports you need from a range of providers.


Specialist Support Coordination when you have a more complex situation.


Helping you achieve an optimal state of personal, social and emotional wellbeing.

Who is eligible?

  • Anyone who has been approved for Coordination of Supports in their NDIS plan can access our Support Coordination.

Our primary role is to understand and implement the funded supports in your plan and link you to community, mainstream and other government services. We’ll also help you to maximise your NDIS plan and connect you to the supports you need.

Our qualified team will help build your ability to exercise choice and control, to coordinate supports and access your local community.

Support Coordination empowers people to:

  • Locate & connect with relevant disability service providers 
  • Coordinate in-home supports and community activities
  • Understand what funding is available & how to access it
  • Explore activities & interests of their choice

Meet the Support Coordination Team

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If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please speak to your NDIS planner/LAC or submit a Request for Service online.