Positive Behaviour Services

Specialised therapeutic services for children & adults

Improve your quality of life with our specialist team assisting you to make the most of your NDIS plan.

Positive Behaviour Services

Lead by our Positive Behaviour Support Manager, our PBS team provides specialised therapeutic services for adults and children on the autism spectrum and/or with cognitive and other disabilities with behaviours of concern (BOC). Our qualified team get to know you and your support network to help improve your quality of life through a holistic lens inclusive of non-linear behavioural assessment, multielement Positive Behaviour Support Plan, implementation, training, evaluation and troubleshooting.

You can access our Positive Behaviour Support Service for specialist behavioural intervention support under the NDIS Support Item of Improved Relationships.

Often it will involve a mix of:

  • Understanding you and your environment
  • Understanding the behaviour and the triggers
  • Identifying desired behaviour
  • Positive reinforcement and effective support options
  • Reducing the use of restrictive interventions
  • Anticipating what may go wrong
  • Working together on strategies
  • Involving family and carers
  • Working with your other therapists

Our PBS services include

  • A full assessment
  • Increasing effective communication
  • Understanding sensory, psychological and functional triggers
  • Addressing health issues that may be impacting behaviour
  • Assistance in building positive relationships
  • Training and education
  • Development and review of
  • Behaviour Support Plans
  • Skills training
  • Helping you improve your quality of life