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Mornington Peninsula Disability Expo 2024

Join us at the Mornington Peninsula Disability Expo June 22nd. The upcoming Mornington Peninsula Disability Expo will bring together some of the best local service providers on the Peninsula. If you’re looking for disability support services then we’d love to see...

Disability Expo

Independence Australia Group and SASI join forces

Independence Australia Group Pty (IAG) and Statewide Autistic Services (SASI) are pleased to announce our discussion about joining forces are proceeding with both Boards approving the signing of a merger agreement.  We are looking to combine our two organisations...

Autism and School attendance

The good old saying ‘parenting doesn’t come with a handbook’ and I'm sure we all agree it should. One of the biggest challenges I personally faced with my son was school attendance.  He is 17 and he never attended a whole week of school in all of his school years.

When your home becomes a workplace

Carers are already at risk of carer burnout and now we manage staff, their job responsibilities, rosters, service agreements….the list can go on and on. I want to share some processes we put in place that helped us to manage staff in the home.


Social situations are challenging for people on the spectrum, they say what they think, and Its not always accepted in a positive way.


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