Active Choices

Centre Based Programs

Our Active Choice Program focuses on developing the key skills of communication, social interaction and independent living.

What is the Active Choice Program?

Our Active Choice Program focuses on developing the key skills of communication, social interaction and independent living. 

Our Programs & Leaders

SASI’s highly skilled team of Program Leader professionals will present services and programs with a passion for their craft and supported by qualified SASI Support Workers.

  • Visuals Arts
  • Hospitality
  • Gamer and IT
  • Horticulture
  • Performing Arts
  • Task Force (Newborough only)

Above: Our Moe Technology Hub

Below: Visual Arts Room at our Seaford Hub

Where is the program run?

Our programs run from three different locations Seaford Hub, Newborough Hub and Moe Hub

Below : Sasi @ Newborough Hub

Who does this program suit?

  • Adults 18 years and over
  • Clients transitioning from a special development school
  • Clients living at home in a family environment or in one of SASI’s group accommodation homes
  • Clients from other accommodation services

Program Costs

Program fees will be billed directly to clients and are to be paid in advance each term.

Hours Of Operation

Weekday : Monday to Friday all day / AM and PM sessions

Application Process

We anticipate these programs will be in high demand, so registering your interest is vital. The application process for these programs is as follows.

  1. First step is a Request for Service (RFS) – click the button in the navigation above.
  2. The RFS is then reviewed by PL/Op’s to ascertain availability, viability and suitability of client to program offered.
  3. From there, Hub Practitioner and/or the Operations Manager will notify our Intake & Planning team (I&P) if there is an opening available for the RFS.
  4. Once the above is accepted and approved, our I&P team will pick up to create Services Agreements (SA’s) and follow-up all required documentation.
  5. Services will not commence until all of the above are received back and signed.

About our Active Choices Hubs

All of our SASI Hubs set an environment for people with Autism and other disabilities to engage in activities that develop and promote skills for life. Our aim is to break free of the barriers and support clients to reach their full potential. Our range of programs build skills in a group and goal-based setting.

    SASI Newborough Hub
    70 Haunted Hills Rd
    Newborough, Victoria
    SASI Seaford Hub
    13 Sir Laurence Drive
    Seaford, Victoria


    If you would like more information please call or email us. Visit our Contact page for details.