School Leaver Employment Supports

Get the support you need on your journey

We are happy to announce that we are now offering School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES). We are strongly committed to providing individuals with the support they need to gather skills to move towards employment in the future.

Have you or will you be finishing School in the near future?

At SASI, we understand that the transition from school into another setting can bring excitement as well as a range of other emotions. We are here to support you in your journey to build skills towards entering the workplace in the future or discover what path may be right for you.

SASI’s School Leaver Employment Supports program offers individualised supports that will help you gain knowledge, skills and experience to enter the workforce or further training.

We are here to go at your pace!


What is School Leaver Employment Support (SLES)?

School leaver employment supports form the critical bridge between school life and work. These supports:

· Help school leaving aged participants explore and understand their work potential.

· Focus on capacity building, developing skills, independence and confidence to work.

· Are tailored to the individual and their unique pathway to employment.

· Are available during the final years of school and directly after leaving school, generally up to two years.

· Are reviewed periodically to make sure the supports are meeting the participant’s goals.

These supports are person-centred, individually tailored, strategic and planned so participants of varying skills and needs can reach their employment goals. These supports are individualised, with a strong emphasis on trying and testing through work experience in a range of settings.

With the right combination of school leaver employment supports, participants may:

·move into employment or job seeking (sometimes with the assistance of a Disability Employment Service provider)

·progress to self-employment.

Who are school leaver employment supports for?

School leaver employment supports are available to NDIS participants in their final year of school and those who have recently left school (generally up to age 22). These supports are typically for Year 12 students, but can be considered for any student who has reached school leaving age and is looking to transition from school to work.

When is funding included in a NDIS plan?

The NDIS funds supports for participants to help them prepare for work, find a job and have ongoing supports when at work.

Funding is based on the participant’s employment goals, individual circumstances and reports/assessments provided during the planning conversation.

What type of supports can participants expect to receive at SASI?

School leaver employment supports will be tailored to meet the participant’s individual employment goals. Work experience in an inclusive employment environment will be offered where suitable.

Participants can expect SASI to create individualised supports to help them transition from school to work, we will engage with families and carers around the participant’s goals. Depending on the participant’s employment goals and their current skill level, each program will be tailored to meet the participants needs.

SASI will be running SLES 1-3 days per week . Specific times and hours will be determined on individual funding and SLES goals. This will run out of our Seaford Hub as well as within the community and at different job sites.

Each skill-based unit will run for 7-10 week blocks and will then progress on to the next unit. These skill-based units are:

– Life Skills – Client focused program developing skills to form a pathway towards employment or further training. Such as, workplace norms, behaviours and expectations.

– Budgeting and Money – Building individual capacity to understand, interpret and utilise money/budgets within a range of settings.

– Job Ready Skills – Skills suited to individuals needs to work towards job readiness. Such as interview practice, resume writing, job application.

– Travel Training – High-quality person-centred support for participants to safely and confidently access the community using a range of transportation options.

– Work Experience/ Community Engagement – Based on individual’s achievement thus far, a variety of work and community-based options will be explored and offered. Such as:

Work experience

Volunteering opportunities

DES (Disability Employment Services)

Tafe or further education opportunities

At this stage there is also the opportunity to revisit earlier programs and topics that the client may require additional exposure to.

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

What Next?

If you think you would be interested and eligible for School Leaver Employment Support (SLES), please contact your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or Support Coordinator for more information on applying for SLES Funding through NDIS.

If you are interested in choosing SASI as your preferred SLES provider, please feel free to contact us:

T – 1300 577 305