Statewide Autistic Services Inc.
Your life. Your choice. Your way.
Statewide Autistic Services Inc.
Your life. Your choice. Your way.

Your life. Your way. Your choice.  

SASI offers teenagers and adults with high needs autism and other complex disabilities the education and support they need to live with dignity, respect and as independently as possible.

We are not a minding service and our clients are not just a number.

Our day services, recreational activities, accommodation and children's residential respite are all set up to meet the developmental wants and needs of our clients.

We constantly monitor each person's progress and provide evidence of this through regular feedback to families and carers.

Our staff are highly trained, skilled, committed and responsive to individual client and family needs. They have the know-how to meet the needs of people at the extreme end of the autism spectrum where communication is difficult; people are prone to behaviours of concern and may be unable to undertake daily personal care for themselves.

SASI. Big enough to have the expertise. Small enough to effectively apply that expertise to benefit each of our clients – your precious family members.


You can donate directly to SASI through Everyday Hero.

Make us your workplace charity and set up regular payments or use for one off donations.

You can support us in many other ways, find out more details here.


Adult Autism Matters

The issue of caring for adults with autism is a serious concern for parents.

Please complete this survey to help us investigate this so we can advocate on policy and program development in this area.


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