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Having a better understanding of autism decreases risk and improves outcomes in organisations. SASI training helps individuals and teams understand and respond better to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

SASI Training offers a simple and modern approach to learning about ASD.

In our courses you will learn about:

  • Autism and its impact on and within the community
  • How to enhance your practices with autism in mind
  • How to improve customer and client outcomes through applied knowledge

Our training is available in multiple formats including:

  • Face-to-face at your workplace or our facility in Frankston
  • Online training

Our learning system is flexible:

  • Train at times that suit your schedule
  • We’ll cater courses specifically to your niche

All participants receive:

  • A certificate upon completion
  • A post-study tips card for easy reference
  • Ongoing consultation as needed for putting learning into action



Ian K – Manager

“The staff found the session very informative and it gave them an insight into the different levels of autism. They also appreciated understanding the triggers of a meltdown and the different tips on how to handle such situations”

For more information and bookings:

Contact us or call SASI on (03) 9773 6044