Autism and School attendance

Tips for advocating for your child at school.

The good old saying ‘parenting doesn’t come with a handbook’ and I’m sure we all agree it should. One of the biggest challenges I personally faced with my son was school attendance.  He is 17 and he never attended a whole week of school in all of his school years. He was the runner, the absconder! The education department spent all of his education years going between special school and mainstream school.  Some parts of his IQ are in the 99th percentile but other parts of the IQ at the lower end. He didn’t fit into either setting, so we spent a lot of time together through the education years. Something I wish I had before my son started school was a cheat sheet.  Simple language that explained what needed to be requested in the school setting. In the school setting there is a meeting called Student support group (SSG) meeting. Who attends the SSG?  Usually the teacher, teachers aide, well being staff and the parent. Personally I found that I had to initiate this meeting. You can take an advocate or support coordinator to this meeting.

At a SSG meeting and Individual learning plan (ILP) is created.  See attached document What is an ILP. A great advocacy business that I often referred to and contact is Some days the days are long!! keep advocating for your child because it can all work well together if you have the right people involved. 

Click on the link below to view an ILP plan.


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