What makes people with Autism great!


People with autism have a kind of superpower. It’s true, while they may struggle in some areas, what they’re good at, they’re not just good at, they’re amazing at!

Did you know that people with autism have amazing attention to detail? If they have a particular interest in a subject they will learn and retain all of the interesting facts about that subject until they become an expert. What an amazing skill to have.

Their focus and observational skills give them the ability to absorb and retain so much information. Coupled with their analytical approach to problem solving can lead people with autism to jobs in computing, engineering, mechanics or statistics.

Have you ever seen the way an autistic child constructs Lego? They can often follow the instructions with ease and have the ability to build amazing works of art in no time. They can also demonstrate their creative side by creating something from their own imagination which will amaze all who see it.

An autistic person has a unique view of the world and a novel way of thinking about things. This can be helpful to see different points of view and to find solutions to problems which others may not even consider.

People with autism can be very determined. If they want something enough, they will do everything in their power to get what they want.

One of the best things about people with autism is they are often honest, to the point of being too honest. They will tell you how it is, quite often with no filter, sometimes blunt and brutally honest, which can be quite hilarious as long as you don’t take offence.

They generally only have a few friends, but they are loyal to those who are close to them and are likely to do anything for them. Friendships are often based on commonalities, and are mostly formed with like-minded people who have an interest in the same sorts of things.

If you know someone with autism, or you are someone with autism, you should join with others and celebrate all of these amazing attributes this Autism Awareness Day on Saturday, 2 April. The theme for the 15th Annual World Autism Awareness Day is to ‘Light It Up Blue’ in recognition of people with autism and those who love and support them.

By raising awareness during the month of April we can all work together to fostering acceptance of autism and a more inclusive environment for people with autism and their families.


SASI Parent Blogger