Employment Support for School Leavers

Eventually, the time will come, when your son or daughter will complete their school years and move to the next stage in their lives. For some, the transition to a TAFE or University course or straight to employment will be easy. For others, the transition will be challenging to say the least.

Fortunately, for those looking for employment, the NDIS has a program commonly known as SLES, or School Leaver Employment Support. There are a variety of organisations locally that provide services to help people with NDIS funding for SLES to gain employment or continue to further education.

SLES is available to those in their final years of school, and directly after leaving school, up until the age of around 22. Supports will look different for each individual depending on their chosen pathway and their level of capability.

The program can assist people to not only prepare for work and find a job, but can continue to support the person in the workplace once they have found employment.

What are the key benefits of SLES?

  • Help you to gain employment skills such as communication and organisational skills, money handling, time management
  • Build your confidence in the workplace
  • Assist you to set goals, such as career goals and planning
  • Gain valuable work experience and employment related training
  • Help you to successfully transition from school to meaningful employment

What’s the process to get funding?

To obtain funding for SLES, you should speak to your Support Coordinator, or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) about the process. The advice I have been given is to get a quote from a SLES provider, and to obtain an Occupational Therapist (OT) assessment for SLES. The SLES quote along with the OT report will then be submitted to the NDIS by your Support Coordinator for review and approval. This may be in the form of a mid-term review. Once approved, the funding will then be added to your current NDIS plan and you can then engage a SLES provider to begin the program.

What organisations provide SLES?

There are many organisations that provide SLES. A quick Google search will help you to find some local providers in your area. Or you can speak to your Support Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator and they should be able to advise you. Here are a few to get you started.

MAX Solutions – https://www.maxsolutions.com.au/NDIS-school-leaver-employment-supports

GenU – https://www.genu.org.au/services/disability-services/employment-pathways/sles/

LifeSkills – https://lifeskills.vic.edu.au/sles/

Maxima – https://maxima.com.au/specialised-employment-services/ndis/

For more information

For more information about SLES speak with your Support Coordinator or NDIS Local Area Coordinator. Or you can visit the NDIS website: https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/working-provider/school-leaver-employment-supports


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