The transition from school life to our first job interview can be a path paved in self-doubt, fear, confusion and uncertainty for anyone. The loss of routine and familiarity, can throw young autistic adults into a spin or often in to the refuge of staying at home. Our SLES program understands this and within a small safe group of like-minded young adults, we practice the skills that allow us to venture out of our safety zones and in to the discomfort of real life armed with resilience and a new-found courage to explore ourselves and our world. Through getting to know our new-found adult selves, public transport training, mock interviews, social connections and goal setting, we see a metamorphosis of diverse personalities and incredible minds as they feel safe and supported to adventure in the joys and challenges of independent living and employment readiness.

Let me share, with permission, the story of Eric Joseph. Eric came to us with a gusto of personality and a bucket full of uncertainty of how his future may look. He had dreams and ideas, but was unsure of how to begin. Now after his first year in SLES he has volunteered with community services, excelled at work experience in different sectors, gotten to believe in his strengths, he has made terrific friends and set new goals. With a passion for the 1950’s, this unique young man would very much like to be in the entertainment industry, acting and modeling – a challenging industry for sure!


He decided he was ready to give his first job application a go … an online search, a revamp of a resume, some cool photos and a job application. Just to click that button that says ‘apply’ is a major achievement and very brave. He got a reply almost immediately! An interview offer, no less, and in the city of Melbourne at 2pm the very next day! Google maps research and our travel training was about to be put to the test! An outfit choice, a very groovy hairstyle and this young man was ready to go. He phoned before the interview time … breathing fast and very heightened.


“I am on the 14th floor of The St Kilda Building in the city of Melbourne! I can’t believe it,” he said. “I am so proud of myself!”

Eric rocked the interview, he charmed the panel with his natural personality and his newly gained interview etiquette skills and you may want to keep an eye out for this face, as Eric may just be the next big thing… he has already achieved so much either way. We are so proud of you E!

If you have finished school, are interested in employment, working toward taking the next step and are looking for a likeminded, incredibly supportive community our SLES program may just be for you.

As SASI we are proud to offer School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) at our Seaford Hub and Moe Hub.

Seaford Hub
13 Sir Laurence Drive, Seaford

Moe Hub
25C Moore Street, Moe

If you are interested in choosing SASI as your preferred SLES provider, please feel free to contact us:
T – 1300 577 305
Email: [email protected]