Famous people with autism


People with autism are everywhere, they walk among us every day. Sometimes it’s easy to tell they’re on the spectrum, sometimes it’s a little harder to notice.

There are some famous people who have autism, like actor Dan Aykroyd, well known for his leading role in the original Ghostbusters film. Dan credits his autism and his obsession with ghosts and law enforcement to the success of the blockbuster movie. In an interview with the Daily Mail in 2013 he tells how he was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome when he was 12, and was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in the early 1980’s.

Another famous person is Professor Temple Grandin. It’s amazing to think that this renowned scientist and autism activist didn’t speak until she was three and a half years old. She found friends in animals after being bullied at school for being different to others. Her interest in animals led her to a career in the field, she is now a prominent speaker and an author of many books relating to animals and autism.

Throughout history many famous people have been said to have autism, the likes of Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Beethoven, Nikola Tesla, Bob Dylan, and many more. These were some of the most talented people to ever walk the planet. They were scientists, artists, musicians, inventors, who, without their incredible talents, our world wouldn’t be what it is today.

More recent people with autism are the likes of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, Elon Musk, product architect of the electronic vehicle, Tesla, Susan Boyle, singer, Tim Burton, Hollywood director and Daryl Hannah, American actress.

People with autism often have a talent for something, be it music, science, art, or engineering. Their obsession and ability to focus on what they’re passionate about can lead them to amazing things as it has for all of the people mentioned in this blog. They have dedicated their lives to their passion and their path has led them to great things.

Perhaps there is someone you know with autism who will also one day become a household name because they too have followed their passion.

Autism is something to be celebrated.  Saturday, 2 April is Autism Awareness Day. The theme for the 15th Annual World Autism Awareness Day is to ‘Light It Up Blue’ in recognition of people with autism and those who love and support them.

Join SASI in raising awareness about autism during the month of April. If we can all work together towards the acceptance of autism and a more inclusive environment for people with autism and their families the world will be a better place for all of us.


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