International Day of Persons with Disabilities

On 3 December each year we celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The day is one where we can observe, celebrate and promote an understanding for people who live with disability.

It is also a day when we can reflect on our understanding of what it is like to have a disability or care for someone who has a disability. It is a day when we can appreciate how far the world has come in acknowledging and accepting those who live with a disability. It is a chance to explore ways we can improve the understanding and education of others so people with disabilities receive the same opportunities as other people and we can continue to bridge the gap between inequalities.

The Australian Government has formally recognised the day since 1996 and provides funding for awareness activities to be held throughout the country on 3 December to celebrate people with disability and promote awareness and inclusion.

Schools, communities and workplaces are encouraged to create and register an event to recognise the day with many already listing events online.

Take a look at what’s on in your local area by visiting:

Around Melbourne, there are multiple events on the day and during the week of 3 December, such as:

  • Come and Try Dance Day, Cranbourne
  • Inclusive Sports Day, Glen Iris
  • Community Artwork Workshop, Eltham
  • ‘Equality Is’ Documentary Screening, Ringwood
  • Celebrate with BAM Arts, Frankston

Hopefully you can find an activity near you to get involved in. Inclusion is so important for all people, in particular those who live with disability and their families. While society has come a long way in regards to equity and inclusion in the last 50 years, there is still so much more our community needs to do to continue to make sure that everyone feels included.

Until you live with someone with a disability, or raise a child with a disability, your awareness of this world is most likely limited. It is only when you experience disability from within you start to see a different side. Then you can understand why there is a need for days like International Day of Persons with Disabilities, so our community can create awareness, acceptance and understanding of people living with disability.

SASI Parent Blogger