Living with someone who has autism can  bring so many different emotions! One of the emotions that can be challenging is the awkward situations around – no filter. Social situations are challenging for people on the spectrum, they say what they think, and Its not always accepted in a positive way. My son has Autism and he also has a massive heart, he is caring, loving and certainly doesn’t mean to come across the wrong way. I have no doubt the special person in your life is the same. 

Trying new foods!

Trying new foods has been a goal for many years. This day we were trying Thai takeaway! We headed out to order some takeaway from the local Thai restaurant, walked through the door and he says quite loudly “What the hell? Smells like human waste in here!!”Everyone turned and stared at us, we didn’t even make it to the counter. We didn’t try any new foods that day, but we walked into a new restaurant and that is a BIG win ???? 

Coffee dates with friends!!

My friend was visiting for the weekend, it was Sunday morning and we were heading to a cafe for a coffee! Mr 17 would only go to one particular cafe and always ordered the same thing. A vanilla milkshake. We were ready to leave, we put the cat in the car, (yes the cat comes to cafes with us!) Mr 17 gets into the front seat, my girlfriend in the back. I start the engine and begin reversing! Mr 17 says “what on earth smells like cat p$!? in here!” My friend says “sorry that’s my perfume.” He wound down his window, put his nose out the window and we drive 20 minutes to the cafe whilst he smelt the fresh air out the window. Oh and she’s still a beautiful friend to us all, bless her! We decided not to give the feedback to Chanel perfume and we still enjoy a laugh over the comment. 

Some tips that I have found helpful can be found at www.thespectrum.org.au 

Speech Therapist or Pathologist is the lead professional in the assessment of an individual’s understanding and use of language, and can provide information about you or your child’s level of language development. They can also provide support planning for intervention, and advice of which strategies can be best used to support the development of communication skills.