Relationships, marriage and autism


We all want to feel loved. Relationships are natural for all human beings. Regardless of age, gender, sexual preference, or disability, we all have the right to have relationships and if we wish, to marry. For people with autism it can be more challenging to find a partner with whom a friendship can develop into something more. For many with autism social situations can be extremely difficult.

Dating can potentially lead to some awkward moments, with long pauses as no one knows exactly what to say next. Eye contact will most likely be minimal as many find it difficult to maintain. Having a conversation with someone you’re interested in can cause so much anxiety it’s enough to avoid the dating scene altogether.

Despite what some say, people with autism most definitely have the ability to feel emotion, they want to love and want to be loved, just like anyone else. They can often become lonely and finding a perfect mate with similar interests who they may in due course form a romantic bond with is something many on the spectrum desire.

Many people with autism go on dates, have relationships, marry and have a family, just like people who are not on the spectrum. Whilst some with autism may fall in love with another person with autism, others will not. We’re all attracted to different people for different reasons, and just because you have autism does not mean you will fall in love with someone else with autism.

Our community is slowly becoming more accepting in understanding autism. Unfortunately, there are still many myths, preconceived ideas and stigma surrounding autism. With increased understanding, and spreading knowledge to others the autism community can help to dispel the myths and create a world of acceptance and normality.

SASI Parent Blogger.