Statewide Autistic Services (SASI) and Independence Australia Group Pty (IAG) are pleased to announce we are in discussion about joining forces. The joint goal is to maintain, enhance and expand services to our current and future service users.

IAG is a social enterprise that has, for more than 60 years provided choices and services for people living with a disability or other personal needs. SASI have been assisting the day-to-day life of those with Autism for more than 50 years. The Boards and management of the two organisations have entered into an agreement to discuss and review ways in which the two organisations might work together.

“As part of our strategic planning for the future, SASI has for some years been looking at ways in which we can provide more services to the Autistic Community and their families” says SASI CEO Kath Ferry. “We have been looking at organisations with similar focus and values with whom we can expand our expertise services and provide growth pathways for our specialist staff. IAG has the size, national reach and focus on service delivery excellence that fits well with our plans.”

“IAG started our journey as an organisation focused on people with physical disabilities. But as we have grown, so too have the number of people we work with and the complexity of their needs” says IAG CEO Peter Turner. “Today 12% of the people we provide services for are Autistic and almost 50% are neuro diverse. SASI’s specialist Autism knowledge will be invaluable for both current and future customers.”

Both organisations are grounded in person-centered values and a shared commitment to delivering quality and engaging support services. With our combined experience, we will be able to deliver and increase more of our service for users to flourish and reach their goals in life.

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