Stage 4 Lockdown from 11.59pm, 12 February 2021

The Victorian Government has announceed a Stage 4 Lockdown from 11.59pm on 12th February 2021  – 18th February 2021. SASI feels confident that we have embedded strict COVID-19 safety measures across all our services; staff have additional training and supplies of personal protective equipment, should they be required. Our staff are working diligently to ensure our clients have regular staff providing support with minimal need for casual or agency staff.

For specific details on what you can and can’t do,  please read the Premiers Statement or view the Table of Restrictions

How this impacts SASI clients and families:


    • Restrictions on all visitors (ie: 3rd party allied). No parents/carers are allowed to visit our homes during this time.
    • Staff will use utilise every resource available for you to maintain contact with your loved one including telephone, facetime or zoom via iPads at all houses
    • Masks must be worn at all times
    • Gippsland – service closed effective 4pm Friday 12th February until Thursday 18th February 2021. We will provide updates throughout the week.

For any urgent questions, please contact:

  Melissa Violani, Executive Manager Operational Manager, on 0422 606 059 or [email protected]

  Zlata Lizars, Operations Manager, on 0434 391 512 or [email protected]