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16 July 2021


We wish all clients and families good health and wellbeing as we experience challenge #5. In line with government guidelines for the Statewide lockdown SASI has responded quickly and is doing what we need to do to keep everyone safe.

In relation to yesterday change from 11.59pm, SASI shall continue to operate being an essential service in accordance with current Government restrictions.


Services will remain open at our Seaford Hub and services at Newborough, Moe including Respite shall resume on Monday 19 July for eligible clients/families as follows:

  • Clients whose parents, family, or primary carers are essential workers.
  • Clients who are unable to remain at home without support.
  • Clients who, by not attending their regular support, would result in other disability supports being required.
  • Clients not attending regular supports would result in significant impacts to their mental health + wellbeing.


  • No visitors (ie: 3rd party allied) and we are advising all parents/carers not to visit our homes to reduce the risk of infections
  • Staff will use utilise every resource available for you to maintain contact with your loved one including telephone, facetime or zoom via iPads at all houses

Staying Safe:

As the vaccination roll-out takes place it is important that we all continue to protect ourselves, our family and communities against COVID-19. We must continue to do the things that have kept us safe. These include:

  • If unwell, get tested and isolate until a negative test result is received
  • Follow all recommended infection control guidelines

For information about the vaccination in other languages you can go to:


Stay safe, stay warm, stay well.

Melissa Violani
Executive Manager Operational Services