Top jobs for people with autism


People with autism are more than capable of finding employment and holding down a job in a wide variety of vocations. However, there are some occupations that someone with an autistic brain will be better suited to than others. Here are some of the top jobs that tend to suit someone with autism and why.

Factory worker

If you love something that is repetitive then a job in a factory operating machinery or on a production line could be just the thing for you. In some instances, you may even be able to listen to your favourite music or pod casts while you work.

Supermarket stocker

Another great job for people who enjoy repetition is working in a supermarket stocking shelfs. You can work fairly autonomously and once again, may even be able to listen to music as you do so.

Computers and technical support

You may have a great brain for understanding the ins and outs of a computer. Perhaps an IT support role would suit you. Or maybe a computer programmer if you’re into coding. The job would allow you to sit behind a computer and help solve problems with minimal to no face to face engagement with the customer.

Uber driver

If you have your licence and like to get out and about on the road, this could be just the role for you. You can set your own work times, work late and sleep in during the day. You wouldn’t need to engage too much with your customers, as long as you can get them from A to B safely and have a good knowledge of your local area, this job could be perfect.

Maintenance and Repairs

Perhaps you’re good at identifying problems and fixing things. If that’s the case, a job as a maintenance and repairs person could be right up your alley. You could even set up your own business and help people fix appliances and equipment.


Do you love maths and are great with figures? An accounting job might be just the thing. There are various jobs in accounting, you might like the idea of doing peoples taxes, or perhaps you have an eye for detail and could be a forensic accountant or an auditor.

There are many more other professions that are suitable for someone with autism. The best thing to do is to identify your strengths and think about the types of things you really enjoy doing. Then think about the types of jobs that would be suitable for someone with your strengths and abilities. If you don’t like noise, look for a job in a quiet environment, or something where you can work from home. The best thing is if you can find a job you enjoy and you get satisfaction from, then you’ll never work a day in your life.

 For help finding a job you may wish to contact your local Disability Employment Services (DES) provider. You may also wish to ask the NDIS for School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) funding. SASI can help with this also, refer to the SLES page on our website


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