Art Show Opening Night

SASI Art Show & Competition Opening Night

Frankston Arts Centre

Join us at the Opening Night on November 17th at 6pm.

A creative exhibition of contemporary art will be showcased on Thursday 17th November 2022 in the City of Frankston by Statewide Autistic Services (SASI) to celebrate the outstanding art work of people with autism and other disabilities.

“SASI Art Show & Competition gives us the chance to show the wider community the creativity and sheer talent of people from within community,” said Ms Kath Ferry, CEO.

The exhibition will be displayed from Thursday 17th to Wednesday 23rd November inclusive. Opening night event to be held on Thursday 17th November to announce and celebrate this year’s winners.

“There are very few opportunities across Victoria for people with autism and other disabilities to present their art in a public forum and have their work appreciated by the wider community and SASI is proud to showcase such an opportunity,” said Ms Ferry.

Further information regarding participation, event details & entry forms, please contact:

Opening night winners will be awarded:

Alfred Murfey Award
In honour of Alfred Murfey, one of the Founders of SASI

People’s Choice Award
Selected by the wider community

Packer’s Prize Award
Selected by the Gallery



SASI Marketing
1300 577 305


Cube 37 Gallery
CUBE 37 Gallery @ Frankston Arts Centre 27-37 Davey St, Frankston

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  1. Therese Desmond

    I look forward to attending your opening night on Thursday 17th November.


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